Box Body Vans

Box Body Vans

Box Body Vans are a very popular build, not just because you have so much space in the interior, but that you dont need a truck / trailer  license to drive these vans.

This conversion can accommodate a large mobile kitchen. Size of 4.2 Meters x 2.1 meters.

Suitable for many businesses with a large preparation area.

Easily Fitting 3 – 4 people.

We fabricate to fit your appliances, large fridges, double pizza ovens, and the largest wood fired ovens.

Built In Generators.

Customise With

Exterior Vintage Ad ons to Personalise your Van

Professionally painted in house to Colour of Choice

Extras Hatch To Rear

Product Glass Display

Till & Security Camera Systems

Suspension Kits

Everything you need for a fullly functioning Mobile Kitchen