Airstream Trailers, The Showstopper !


We Supply 2 Types of Airstream Trailers:

  1. Authentic Classic Restored Airstreams: Fully Restored.
  2. NEW Airstream: Expertly Manufactured in Europe and finished by our own interior fit out crew at our workshop in Ireland.

Classic Airstream: Rare & Authentic Airstream Trailers were built using only Aircraft Grade Aluminum which gives them their Iconic Sturdy Look and are immediately Identifiable still today. 1950s to 1970s Vintage Airstreams are one of the most iconic and  impressive trailers you can use to Convert to  a Catering Trailer.Sizes Vary from a 16ft Bubble Trailer to a Huge 30ft Trailer.Full Catering Conversions & Worldwide Shipping Available.

NEW Airstream: We are now offering a range of Catering Trailers designed and built with the style and finesse of the original iconic US aluminium caravans of the 1940’s and 50’s. Each trailer is manufactured to individual specifications, hand formed and riveted by craftsman with years of experience. Combined with modern technology – TIG welded body frames, galvanised chassis and LED lighting.

There has been a recent influx of cheap sub-standard imported units. Our New Trailers not to be confused with poor imitations. We recapture the classic styling and presence of the original in a brand new product. We take the desirable aspects of the original and blend together with modern materials and engineering.

The cost of a new trailer will often work out to be less than buying, importing and restoring a vintage example – Stylish, Brand New, Guaranteed and Designed to Work Hard for your business, our trailers are a true joy to own.



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